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About Metro Mermaids

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About Metro Mermaids

MermADA   /ˈmərˌmādā/

A freshwater siren in the char genus Salvelinus of the salmon family Salmonidae species of fish from the Great Lakes.

Mermada is a married mother of 4 guppies who ranges the great lakes. Growing up in Lake St. Clair she has played along the banks of the St. Clair River watching the humans playing on the beach. For many decades she has watched as little villages grew into small cities; boats of the most beautiful wooden hues and giant freighters carrying humans and cargo alike up and down her river home. She has watched fireworks and fairs, keen to keep out of sight of the humans. Now the dangers facing both fresh and salt water mermaids and our planet have brought her out of the water to educate humans about the challenges facing her waterways and how they can help improve the health of the Great Lakes.

Mermada also runs a Michigan mermaid entertainment company called Motor City Mermaids under the stage name Sirk the Siren. She is pod mom of the Great Lakes Mermaids community as well.

Development Team

AKA Freddy – MermADA’s Husband and Metro Mermaids Head of IT Operations



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