Mint a Cardano NFT or TOKEN or Royalties

Warning! Read this carefully - if the CIP changes from the current form - it's possible using this tool now will prevent you from being able to use Royalties in the future. The idea here is the CIP states only the first mint command is to be used - so if the format changes or something is added which ends up being required - the act of using this might prevent you from doing it right when the CIP is finalized. This is considered BETA - use at your own risk - we just implemented the CIP as it was currently designed. Best of luck to you!

Getting Started with Royalties

1) Create policy for NFTs/Tokens with this command or select an existing policy using normal methods for our tool.
2) Mint token with community standard royalties metadata *(see below).
3) Mint planned NFTs/Tokens using the same policy. (you must save and re-use your receive address to do this)

Policy Details

An unlocked policy allows you to mint more NFT under the same policy and burn if needed.
The ability to re-use a policy is tied to the exact receiving address.
You should select either Save this Policy or Lock Policy not both.
You can Save a Policy and have it open forever by not checking anything else.
You can save a policy and have it valid for a year by checking both Save and 1 Year Policy.
Royalties - Establish Royalties BEFORE YOU MAKE the NFTs.
You can only run this command once per PolicyID. Do not re-use Receive Address with different policies - at least make sure the command finishes first.
The "pct" key tag can be any floating point value from 0.0 to 1.0, to represent between 0 and 100 percent. For example, a 12.5 percent royalty would be represented with "pct": "0.125".


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Burn Address: addr1vyvd4yvf4zqwvlv5yhpg3kc8955kuxq6xagej5sz3p08atqpw8jwa
A NFT Metadata example and guide
To define a NFT, you can add custom properties above. We use some variables like ##policyID## to replace the actual policy ID when it is created or pulled from the vault. For proper operation of this tool, please leave all the variables alone and change only the other lines like Twitter, URL, etc. You generate the ipfs hash and arweaveId on your own, use a tool like:

Follow our guide to learn how to mint your own NFT

We have a new system where you can lookup your policy.scipt using your policyID.
Policy.Script Search

If you select Use Same Policy
The system will keep a copy of this policy for you unlocked so that you can re-use it again.
To re-use it again just use the same exact receiving address and select the checkbox again. The system will search for your previously used policy and re-use it automatically.

If you need help, reach out at one of these locations: Telegram or Twitter
Do not use an exchange as your receive address.
You may not be able to access your NFT/tokens.
This area will change when you submit the form.
You pay 3 ADA to mint and you get 1.75 ADA with your NFT/tokens -- your cost is only 1.25ADA+tx fees. The 1 ADA we profit from this tool goes to increase our pledge at Metro Mermaids Pool ticker [TAILS], we use these funds to send Tokens to our Delegators, Stake with us to help the planet!

If you would like more help just reach out using the links at the bottom.

Pro Tips!


Learn about arweaveId and why you might want to include it: What is Arweave?

Learn more about the metadata specification in general from this Reddit post.

Search for examples of metadata to get ideas of how others are using it with this tool.

I found this on the NFT standard posting so I included the image of the person who created it as reference.
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